Access Remote Service Status

Scheduled Outages

There is no scheduled maintenance at this time.

Known Outage Updates

[AO-2024-01] - Currently, some legacy systems are offline for Java applications. We're working to restore service.
Update 17/03/2024 - Casino application - Partially restored

Recent Reason For Outages

Currently there are no recent RFO's to display. Looking for historic RFO's? Check down below under "Archived RFO Details"


Casino (Java application) - Online

Security (Java application) - Offline


PEW - Planned Engineering Works
NO - Network Outage
AO - Application Outage
RFO - Reason For Outage
Outages are displayed with type followed by year and incident number. Example:
['type of outage'-'year'-'incident number']
Archive RFO Details [RFO-2024-04] - A recent power surge with a device plugged into a protected system shut down all power to local systems.
Due to this, we had to restore power by identifying the faulty power source and replaced cabling then reset the UPS system.
Power out: 10:00am
Power restored: 11:50am

[PEW-2024-03] - Updates took place on 06/04/2024, however there was no service disruption.
[PEW-2024-02] - A power outage is expected to take place on 16/02/2024 any time between 8:00AM - 12:00PM (GMT) due to electricity supply upgrades.
Justification: This is external to Access Remote and can't be avoided.
Impact: All sites and databases may go offline during this time if our backup power is depleted.
Dutation: Up to 1 hour. - Completed
[RFO-2024-01] - On 14/02/2024 at 6pm, an alert was received to inform us the system uptime was reset.
The system uptime was reset as the system had installed an update which required a reboot, we had no notice of this.
We have taken additional measures to prevent a repeat of this by adding policies to inform us of scheduled reboots. Apologies for any inconvenicence this may have caused.
[PEW-2024-01] - Planned Engineering Works are due to take place on 11/02/2024 at 12:00PM (GMT).
Justification: Currently, the wiring of network equipment is a cause for concern, this is being corrected.
Impact: Any sites relying on database servers will display an error during the downtime window.
Duration: Up to 1 hour. (completed)