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Welcome to Access Remote!

Bringing the online community together...

Meet the team!

Meet the people who make Access Remote work with our Live Chat! it's completely free of charge to join us, all you need is an email, a username of your choice and of course, your very own password! Alternatively, come chat with us in Guest Mode! (You may have access to fewer features in Guest Mode.)

Your desktop, anywhere

With a domain account, you'll gain access to Remote Desktop along with 10GB of storage completely free of charge! You'll also gain access to apps like Visual Studio, NetBeans and other powerful software which you can access on almost any device! (Even using 3G/4G/5G!)

Community Support

Should there be an issue with one or more of our services and you're not sure where to turn to, you can count on our community to give you that helping hand!
Alternatively, just post your thoughts on a topic and meet new friends!


Here at Access Remote, we're constantly developing! We're working on new desktop applications and even instrumental music and remixes!

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