Welcome to Access Remote!

So, you've landed here and not sure what it is you're looking at. Sound about right?
Access Remote is a project, run by Reece (That's me!). There's a lot that's happened over the years that I'd love to show you. You can be a part of this project too, just join our chat and say hi!
Got an idea for the project? I'd love to hear!

You don't need to be a developer to join us

If you're just looking for a chat (you don't need to be technical!) then you are more than welcome to join our chat and become a member of our community.

Current projects

We're currently working on Appeals, so if a chatter is muted, kicked or banned, they have a place to go to get their voice heard to put up a defense for whatever action it was. Better than posting on an empty void known as a forum, right?

That's not all we're working on either. We're always looking ot improve the experience here and develop new projects. Take a look at our past projects to see some cool things we've been up to!

Just a quick side note...

This website is a project and not at all anything you should take seriously. Things can change, at any time with little or no notice.
Honestly, take nothing here as fact - please do your own research into anything you see on this site.
Finally, if you like what you see any want to become a member of the community, head on over to our chat, it's free!