Terms of Use

General Outline

By signing up, you agree to have read, unerstood and accept both these terms and the privacy policy outlined on this website. These terms can change at any time, however we will notify you via the news section with any changes to these terms.

Your account is just that, yours. Your data is associated with your account and any actions taken on your account is entirely your responsibility.
Adult content is not permitted on this server, unless between 2 consenting adults, in private messaging. We encourage users who want to share NSFW content to do so on our NSFW chat.
This server is 16+ no one under 16 shall be allowed. There aren't any exceptions to the rules if broken.
The following is not acceptable behaviour examples:
- Racism
- Homophopia/biphobia,hetrophobia/transphobia etc
- Content posted with intent to cause harm or disruption
- Bullying or anti-social behaviour

Just because something isn't listed, it doesn't make it non-punishable. This is to the discression of the staff on the chat.
Please use the english language in this chat.
Unless something is extreme, we won't look to ban your account, however if you continue to ignore staff instructions, you'll face more severe account actions. Keep in mind, previous actions against your account are logged and can be used as evidence if further action needs to be taken.
All users will have a right to appeal any action taken against their account.


Keep in mind this is a SFW website, we don't expect to see adult content either in picture or video/audio format. If you want to see or take part in this, consider using our not safe for work chat here. Note: Verification required.


We do not allow NSFW content in this chat. If you are found to be uploading content deemed to be illegal in the place of hosting (UK) or marked NSFW, you will be instant banned. With this in mind, if you are suspected to be doing this, your details may be passed onto the relevant authorities if deemed illegal.
We will assist in any lawful investigation if a warrant in presented so if you are thinking or uploading or linking to such content, go elsewhere - we don't want that content here.