Privacy Policy

Core Privacy Terms

In order to make our chat work, there are key bits of information we obtain, which can be split into 2 parts.
1 - Involuntary data access
2 - Voluntary data access

To clarify, we don't want to obtain data we don't need, "involuntary data access" relates to data sent by your browser, we will go into detail of what data is captured a bit later on. "Voluntary data access" refers to data you input and submit manually.

Involuntary data
To make this chat function, we collect the following data automatically.
- Your timezone
- Your geolocation (non-specific location data)
- Your public IP Address

Your Timezone
We collect your timezone information to customise the chat on your behalf. The purpose of this is to display the correct timestamps of messages sent to and from your device. You can change this at any time in your profile, however cannot remove the setting from your profile - staff can see this information.

Your Geolocation (non-specific location data)
This information is used to obtain information about your timezone. We also display the country you signed up from on your profile, this helps you find other people in the same geolocation as you. You can hide or change this information at any time in your profile. Staff can see this information if you have not removed this from your profile.

Your Public IP Address
We collect and store this information on your profile as this aids our policy enforcement.
Staff ranked superadmin or higher can see this information for troubleshooting purposes, the system will use this information to determine if your account is a duplicate and to prevent spam accounts.
If you are banned from using our services, your IP is permanently noted and future attempts to sign up will be blocked by the system
Your public IP is not used to identify you specifically, however it is used to identify your network and allows our system to do its job effectively.

Voluntary data access
This classes as data you input, for example - your username, messages public and private, uploaded data etc
We obtain this information in order to process and display the data to other users. This includes public and private message types. The way public and private messages are stored are different, so no one sees your private messages unless you intend them to be seen, or if they are reported for review.
Generally, we don't care what you send here and moderation of content is minimal. Try and stick to the topic of the room if appliicable and don't be disruptive.
All data is backed up for disaster recovery purposes.
You can close your account at any time in your profile settings, this comes with a 7 day cool-off period, after which your data is permanently removed. You can cencel your delete request from your profile before the deletion date. Once deleted, this cannot be reversed.


If you or someone in the conversation reports your message, please be aware that the message and the message history is shared with our staff members for a complete review of the reported situation and to prevent any bias. As long as you follow our terms, we don't really care what's in there.
Messages are only reviewed based on if they break our terms, or if they don't. By signing up, you agree to the terms and privacy policy as a whole.