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When you create an account on this chat site, some details will be requested, such as your name and email. THese details are stored on our servers and backed up reguarly - this is to provide additional security, so we don't lose your data. All backups are encrypted with the Windows BitLocker service and very secure passwords, just for added security to the backup files. Your information is stored but never shared with any third party .
We use cookies to store your session data and for single sign on. These cookies may be personally identifiable to determine your user session
Your email address, if provided, may be used to contact you if there are any important announcements regarding your account. The email will not be disclosed to anyone and the “to” section of the received email will either be addressed to “undisclosed recipients” or “” - this is done in the event we need to send out mass emails, in order to prevent your email address being disclosed to other members.
All chat logs are stored on our server(s) for access at a later date. You may clear your toom or private logs by typing /clear
Any promotional offers sent to you are exclusive and non-transferrable.