888theband - Pins And Needles

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888theband - Pins And Needles


Post by Reece.McCaskill »

Hey all,

I'd like to write about two tracks, one being the original track and one being the remix.
First off, the original track can be located here: https://soundcloud.com/888theband/pins- ... tered-v2-1.
This track was released 8 months ago by a pretty talented artist, known as 888theband on SoundCloud(https://soundcloud.com/888theband)

How did I hear of this?
I heard of this via the remix which I'll be discussing later on in the post.

This track has a kind of uplifting backing track whilst also merging with more tense vocals and lyrics, the contrast between the two actually sound pretty good and it's a technique used by many artists.

What about the remix?
Play the original before looking here
The remix of this track comes from another popular SoundCloud creator, known as Xan Griffin, who can also be found on SoundCloud here: https://soundcloud.com/xangriffin and the remix found here: https://soundcloud.com/xangriffin/pinsneedles
Xan did an amazing job restructuring the track and adding a lot more rythm, so needless to say the remix takes a different approach. I have to admit, I'm torn between the two tracks to decide which is better, though...

Got any thoughts? Post away!
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