DRM Protection

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DRM Protection


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Hey all,
This is a topic based on DRM-protected media and how it affects us all.
If you're not sure what this is, it's basically a file which is restricted to a specific account and/or service, restricting what devices or media player you can use to view your media.

DRM protection for music files was lifted on iTunes due to a public outcry where users wanted to listen to their music on more than just apple devices, DRM however is still enforced on and movie/TV series video file you purchase from almost anywhere. Your media is locked to your account, so if you were to set up say, a Plex media server for streaming on all your devices, you can't - if you wanted to view the content you purchased on SKY Store on your PS3/4, you can't and if you wanted to simply use a different media player - you can't.

This in turn, affects the purchases of these videos - some people aren't too bothered about it as they only watch the content on one device, others are very bothered about it because they want to watch it on preferred media devices.

DRM is supposed to discourage piracy by using the protection to restrict a user on what they can do regards viewing the content. To some small degree, this works - however to a very large degree, it encourages piracy because of said restrictions and isn't really playing fair to legit customers who don't want to distribute the content and want to put it on their own personal media server for personal use.

How does DRM affect you? Has it encouraged you to switch to pirating movies/TV series? Or has it had another affect on you?

Comment or start a new thread and let's see what affect DRM really has.
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