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Note: VPN/Proxy use is not permitted on this chat.
Terms of Use

1. In signing up for an account, a guest account, or linking your social media account to gain access to our chat, you thereby take full responsibility for the messages and content you post in any chat room or private message (PM).
2. Your IP address is logged when you access this chat room, whether as a guest or as a registered user.
3. You also accept, should you choose to be a VIP member, that all transactions are non-refundable.
4. Pornographic content is not allowed in any public room of this chat site - keep it in pm and be sure you have consent to send any indecent images.
5. Indecent images sent to a minor (anyone below the age of 18) will result in a 7-day kick, or permanent ban. Repeat offenders will be banned.
6. Indecent images sent of minors (anyone below the age of 18) will result in your account being banned and depending on severity, you may also be reported to the relavent authorities.
7. Composing and sending messages, in any format, on this chat for the sole purpose of advertising is not permissible, doing so will result in fair warning issued, or account being banned.
8. Should you be below the age of 18, please do not send indecent images of yourself to other members, you may be kicked for an undefined time if you do!
9. We do not encourage adult conversations or topics in private messaging with other users, however if you choose to engage in these activities, please make sure you do so safely - do not upload anything you feel uncomfortable with!
10. If you receive an indecent image and you are offended, please report this to an admin or moderator, please have a screenshot of the offensive content - we can't access your pm's!
11. Received an indecent image or link to indecent underage content? Report it! It is a criminal offence
12. Received links to websites containing inappropiate content? Please report this as this is a breach of our terms!

13. You must use the English language in this chat room and keep the chat appropiate!
14. You must not use our chat site services unless you are aged 16 or older.
15. You may only have one (1) account at any one time, users found with multiple registered accounts (guest or registered account) may have VIP membership voided and/or account removals without a refund.
16. Administrators and moderators reserve the right to remove, ban, mute, or suspend your account, for any reason at any time. It's the sole discression of admins or higher to specify reasons, moderators must specify a reason. Please note that admins and moderators cannot be available 24/7 - if something appears to be offensive, just click the report button -we'll deal with it as soon as possible. Someone sending offensive PM? Email with the screenshot, we'll get right on it!
17. False reports may result in action being taken against your account, so only report what you need to!

18. Illegal content uploaded to this chat site, whether in PM or in any chat room, will be reported to the appropriate authorities, along with the offender’s username and IP address - content includes: links, pictures, video, audio, animations, of anything illegal that breaches UK law.
19. You hereby accept that Access Remote, administrators (of any kind), moderators, users, and guests, other than yourself are not responsible in any way for the content posted by you.
20. Site Administrators (of any kind) and Site Moderators with control over the main chatroom follow the following procedure when taking action against a/many user/users (remove as appropiate).
Review received report
Screenshot offensive content
Remove offensive content (with exception to pm, we don't have access to this)
21. Depending on the severity of the offence and considering any aggravating factors, one or more of the following actions will be taken:
No further action
Warn offending user
Kick offending user
Ban offending user (admin only)
Report offending user to appropiate authority
22. Sending personal information into the chat is not permitted (for your own safety), this includes but is not limited to address, email or phone numbers. (Term 24 is exempt if you are requested for your email or name to verify identity by a member of staff ranked Superadmin or higher)
23. By creating an account, you accept that we may use your email address to send you information about your account or global information about our chat.
24. Flooding, spamming, use of forbidden words are all against our terms and you will be muted, kicked or banned as appropriate.
25. Listen to staff ranked moderator and higher - failure to do so will give staff the right to remove you from the chat, or limit your chat features as they deem appropriate.
26. These terms may change at any time with or without notice to the end user. You are responsible for keeping up to date with any changes.
27. Any VIP memberships given or purchased are non-transferrable.


Chat site owner: Reece
Superadmin: -
Admin: -
Moderator: Haruki

© Access Remote 2020 - Access Remote is a project, not a company. We do not provide any guarantees. The Access Remote team are committed to making the smallprint visible and clear, so all of our users can see the details which are usually hidden on other websites.

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