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Welcome to Access Remote!

We have a range of projects going on, some are even available to download, too!
Our main target is internet security and socialisation to connect us all together!
You can join any of our social platforms, completely free!

Get Social

Access our free chat site and forums!


Unlimited posts!

Post as much as you like onto our forums! The more posts you have, the better your reputation will be!


Socialise with our live chat!

Simply create a free account, or join in as a guest and get chatting to other members around the world!


Support when you need it

If something is offensive, or doesn't seem right - just hit that report button and our team will get right on it!


VIP's to the front!

On our live chat, if you choose to become a VIP member - you'll get additional rights, like create and manage your own room!


£ 0 per month
  • Perfect for those wanting to socialise for FREE with other users around the world, without restrictions!
  • No commitment

7-days VIP

£ 0.25 p/ week
  • For 25p, you get all the VIP perks at a very low price. Your purchase will help suppor this website!
  • No commitment, one-off payment, pay with PayPal

1 Month VIP

£ 2.50 monthly
  • Want to become a VIP for longer than 7 days? This is the plan for you! With VIP you get access to have gradient colour, post YouTube videos and create your own room!
  • No commitment, one-off payment, pay with PayPal

1 Year VIP

£ 10 per year
  • Our cheapest price, fixed! 1 full year of VIP access for just £10! Create rooms, make moderators, upload content and post YouTube videos directly into our chat!
  • No commitment, one-off payment, pay with PayPal

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